An Exceptional Rendez-Vous!


Passionate about the French language, passionate about the History of France and the United Kingdom, today we invite you to a fascinating linguistic and historical journey leading us through the twists and turns of the unusual relationship between two nations, France and the United Kingdom. For this, we have chosen to introduce you to a feast of words and reflections, a banquet for the mind, in the form of speeches delivered by two emblematic figures of these two nations: King Charles III and President Emmanuel Macron.

Savor every word, taste every idea, and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the French language. See how much many people in the host country may appreciate and respect your effort to speak their language. It shows that you

are making an attempt to assimilate and understand their culture.

Some photos of the event…

and for those who wish to start learning the French language or deepen their practice of the language, in one click, contact Almajelanguages, and we will listen to you.

Thank you and see you soon!

Marilyne Lemoine-Lopez