Meet Françoise

Françoise has been a French tutor for over 14 years in Melbourne. She came to Australia with multiple degrees from the University of Paris X. Having learned 5 foreign languages, she understands the challenges that everyone faces along the journey from absolute beginner to being fully bilingual: children in primary school aiming for immersion/accelerated or bilingual programs; high school and university students seeking high scores at VCE, IB and DELF; and adults wanting to enjoy the French culture or to work in France.

Françoise also brings to tutoring her understanding of business and the skills she developed as a mentor and effective-communication coach in her past business life.

Although I have lived in Melbourne for years, I love France, its history, language, culture, and regional diversity. I want to equip my students with the skills to communicate in French as naturally as they would in English and help you love France and French.


Areas of Expertise: VCE, IB, DELF (all levels), French for business, French for families and travel

Private and semi-private tuition, zoom and face-to-face

Languages Taught:
Areas of Expertise: VCE, IB, DELF