Meet Marilyne Lopez

Marilyne, the founder of Almaje, was formerly our Principal and Head Coach before transitioning into her current role as our Customer Relations guru. She combines a highly professional teaching method with a very personal approach.

As a native French speaker with 30 years of teaching experience, Marilyne has worked with students of all ages, from early childhood to adults, helping them develop their speaking, grammatical, and cultural knowledge in French. She taught French at the “Lycée Français de San Salvador” in Central America and later in Australia at institutions such as Sophia Mundi Rudolf Steiner School, St Michael’s Grammar School, and Monash University.

In 1999, Marilyne established Almaje Languages, her own language school, where she tutored and coached students at beginner, intermediate, advanced, and tertiary levels. She provided group classes and private lessons for high school students and adults, while also offering customised programs for teachers and corporations.

Marilyne, like any great coach, held her students accountable and focused on helping them achieve their best, regardless of their objectives. Whether it was preparing for VCE and IB French exams or obtaining the DELF-DALF certifications necessary for studying or working in France, she demanded excellence while inspiring her students. Marilyne valued her students’ success and respected the efforts made by parents to provide them with the best opportunities.

Her passion for the French language was ignited during her studies in Linguistics and Literature at The Sorbonne in Paris. Now, Marilyne’s primary goal is to share her love for the beautiful French language with her students. She has a genuine passion for helping everyone experience the unique excitement of immersing themselves in another culture.

Languages Taught:
Areas of Expertise: Customer Relations